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14th Dec 2013

In-game name: 12345sneezit Thank's for asking
How long have you played on the server: Hmm about ever since Soul invited me ask him
Are you apart of a faction, and if so, what rank: Yes, Chaos faction, Leader
Have do you plan on helping the server: I would like to become a minecraft admin because this server is so awesome (Not trying to be a kiss butt) so far.I am a very trustworthy person when it comes to a job like admin. I can point out people who hack and break the rules. I have a lot of experience on minecraft and how admin works.I can assure you that I would make a great admin. I can understand if you don’t trust me for the fact that I am new to Scarletark. If I am given something I do my best to keep it and do a good job. I hope that you consider my request to become admin. Thank you if you took the time to read this. Thanks Scarletark for this magnificent server that I hope I will play on for many days to come.
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Forum » Staff applications » Applications
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