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Welcome to ScarletArk Network!

Here, we try to give you the best gaming community possible. As such, we need you to tell us everything and anything wrong or what you would like to see!

How do I help out?

Easy! Just sign up and log on the server. Try to spread the work around too, so we can get even more people to play!

How do I invite people?

Well, first off, you can make a Youtube vidoe! This is always useful, and normally gives you a few subs, while giving us a few more players! Second, you can just vote! As of right now, we don't currently having a voting system yet, but soon will.


There is only one way of getting staff, and that's through filling out a application in the Forums. Please know, that many people will not be accepted. We are sorry, but can't have everyone as staff.

We're here to help you!

We're always on hand to give you help and answer your questions. If you feel overwhelmed or need any help at all, please don't be shy to ask!

Play @

Remember to give us a vote! ... k-scarletarknetwork/

Voting links

                 ... etwork-2612305/vote/ ... w/scarletark-network

http://www.minecraftserverfind ... 9-scarletark-network
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